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LEVEL - from France

Paris (ORY)
Guadeloupe (PTP)
04.09.2018 30.09.2018
25.09.2018 09.10.2018


Even though it is often mistaken, Guadeloupe isn't one island, rather the territory of Guadeloupe is comprised of several islands. The biggest island, which is also known as "The mainland" is tossed with rain forests, black and gold sand beaches as well as swimming holes and small, charming villages. The smaller islands of the territory, which are Les Saintes, Marie-Galate and La Désirade are nearly untouched travel destinations. The feeling in Guadeloupe is similar like in other Caribbean destinations. Due to the fact that it is a French overseas department, you will find the one or the other French name on the islands. One thing is for sure, visit Plage de la Grande Anse, which is the most breathtaking beach in whole Guadeloupe. There is golden sand and clear, calm water, which suits perfectly for a beach vacation.

  • From Paris
  • To Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe
  • For only 260€ return
  • Nonstop flights with LEVEL (only one carry-on baggage is included)
  • From September to October

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mer. 19 sept. 18 - dim. 30 sept. 18
ven. 21 sept. 18 - dim. 07 oct. 18
ven. 21 sept. 18 - mar. 09 oct. 18
mer. 26 sept. 18 - dim. 14 oct. 18
dim. 30 sept. 18 - mar. 09 oct. 18

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